We specialize in Closed Grow Environment Design & Set-up, Organic Horticulture & Caregiver Placement.

Who We Are: Smokies Medical Marijuana is where you can consult with Patients, Caregivers, Volunteers, & Professionals from around your neighborhood or across the country accessing a wealth of news &information while sharing yours with others working to enhance the dignity & quality of life of individuals & families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, & helping people in need reach their full potential.

Our network of Caregivers, Volunteers & Professionals in Michigan offer customized Grow Room Design, Caregiver placement & Volunteer services to people who have disabilities, lack education or experience, or face challenges in acquiring medical marijuana.

Our Current Work :
•Horticulture Specialists
•Grow room Design, Set-Up & Care
•Organic Growing Tutorials
•Caregiver Placement
•News & Events

Our Future : To unite people, grassroots efforts & organizations, as one with the end to Marijuana Prohibition foremost! We will unite as many as possible in the Quest for Medical Marijuana Reform, Education, Information & Resources so that we may medicate organically in “PEACE” soon! Smokies Medical Marijuana is just the beginning of the good that we can do if we all come together!

Our Services assist people to be self reliant & to safely supplement their medicinal needs.
We are motivated everyday to be the best service for medical marijuana

patients, caregivers, volunteers, & professionals.


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